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    Blue Heron Investigations is owned and operated by Thomas M. Goodpaster – the state issued license holder
    for the company.

    Mr. Goodpaster has worked exclusively within the Private Detective & Protective Agent industry since 1985
    when he first began his career while working under the licenses of various Protective Agents within the state.  
    At that time, and for the bulk of the next few years, his primary duties related to both loss prevention
    assignments and the physical  protection of both assets and personnel.  

    By the summer of 1989, Goodpaster was given the chance to enter the more demanding Private Detective
    sector of the industry - working again for various licensed professionals within the area.  His primary
    assignments for the next several years involved both mobile and stationary surveillance of others where he
    gained literally thousands of hours of experience in the art of stationary and mobile surveillance, as well as
    social engineering techniques used to obtain information from others.

    Throughout the next several years, having worked for a number of different detective agencies in the area, he
    managed to rise through the investigative ranks to the supervisory and managerial positions of the last
    detective agency he'd work for.  He took a break from the day to day surveillance assignments, and turned his
    attention to the more demanding and difficult (intellectually at least) investigations and sensitive assignments
    that came through the door.

    By about the year 2000, Goodpaster ventured off on his own and acquired his own Private Detective license in
    Minnesota after which he began providing services to various clientele under the name Thomas M.
    Goodpaster & Associates.  Within a few years, Thomas M. Goodpaster & Associates gave way to Blue Heron
    Investigations which is now a highly recognized name within the industry.

    Throughout this time, Goodpaster has worked cases involving child custody, infidelity, runaways, missing
    persons, theft, trade secret misappropriation, competitive intelligence, work place harassment, accident
    scene investigations, criminal defense, product liability, background investigations, worker’s compensation
    and personal injury insurance defense, as well as a wide variety of other assignments ranging from the
    investigation of crimes (including rape, robbery, and murder), to providing investigative services to agencies
    of the county, state and federal government.

    He has been directly or indirectly involved in the training of over one hundred private investigators and bail
    enforcement agents (bounty hunters) throughout the years, authored a “how to” manual for conducting
    investigations and surveillance, and has developed a certified pre-assignment training program that was
    approved for training purposes by the Private Detective and Protective Agent Services Board of the State of

    Both he and his company have been members, or continues to maintain membership, in countless
    professional associations related to the detective industry.

    In addition to being a state licensed Private Detective / Protective Agent, Goodpaster has been a state
    licensed bail bondsman and bail enforcement agent, an NRA certified firearms and personal protection
    instructor, a nationally published author of an article on forensic photography, lectured on numerous
    occasions to students of a bail enforcement academy, co-founded an online investigative supplies store
    (unrelated to this web site's sales of investigative supplies), and earned two accredited degrees in both law
    enforcement and photography.  He's even the featured "Detective" in the children's book: Career Ideas for
    Kids Who Like Adventure and Travel (Second Edition) written by Diane Lindsay Reeves and available in your
    local book store.