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    From a woman who hired us to conduct surveillance of her husband.  She already “knew”
    that something was wrong, but needed the proof.  We found him meeting a female co-
    worker after work, and quickly dispelled any excuse he might have that the meeting was
    “just between friends.”  Our client began to get on with her life shortly after receiving our
    report.  The following email was received some time after the case was closed.

    “Thanks again for your help. My only regret is that I didn't hire you sooner.  That would probably be a good marketing spin
    for you - the most difficult thing I did in this entire process was hire you.  It wasn't hiring the attorney, it wasn't filing for
    divorce or serving the papers, it wasn't confronting him.  The hardest thing was taking that first step and calling you.  It has
    obviously changed my life, but it's all good.  I will get my life back. And not be living with constant lying.  I already feel better
    about myself and the future.

    Thank you!”

    We were asked, by an adult woman who was residing in another state, to locate her
    biological father who she had never known.  Her mother had moved out of state while our
    client was still a baby – taking her with her.  Our client’s father was believed to be residing
    in Minnesota, and we were successful in locating him.  We made “first contact” with him on
    behalf of our client.  He was receptive to us, and expressed an interest in contacting the
    daughter he last saw nearly thirty years earlier.  What our client did not know, when she
    hired us, was that she also had siblings. The following e-mail came from our client’s

    “     Thank you very much for your exemplary performance on this case. Your guidance and expertise were vital. [My wife]
    states "it was a pleasure working with you." I agree. It is not often that (as a consumer) you actually get what you pay for.  
    We did this time. We truly recognize the value that you brought to this mission.
        Go forward knowing that because you decided to be an investigator (which it seems that you enjoy) you have enriched
    an American Family's life. Whatever the outcome, thanks to you, the process could not have been improved.
        We will keep you informed. Heck, we may soon have a reason to be in Minnesota and thus be able to thank you in person.

    Thank you”

    Two teenage girls failed to return home after school one day.  They were determined to
    have run away, versus having been abducted.  A search of one of the girls’ computer found
    that she had been e-mailing a group of adult men (early 20’s) who resided in the area.  One
    of these men was subsequently identified, but denied (to law enforcement officers) knowing
    where either of the two girls was staying, or of having any contact with them.  This man
    went so far as to make pleas to the girls, through their online myspace accounts, to return
    home – he expressed his concern for their safety.  We placed this man under surveillance,
    believing that he had lied to police, and most likely knew where the girls were.  He
    ultimately led us (unwittingly) to a residence in a suburb where a group of men resided, and
    we shifted the focus of our surveillance to that address.  The girls were later observed
    outside the residence and law enforcement officers were summoned.  Both girls returned
    home.  The following e-mail came from one of the girls’ grandparents:

    “I cannot thank you enough for your professional approach and good out-come to such an emotionally charged situation….

    Thank you again for your professional solutions!”

    Our client had been harassed for quite awhile before he picked up the phone to call us.  His
    house was being vandalized, someone was signing him up for magazine subscriptions he
    didn’t care to read, his employer and coworkers were receiving nasty e-mails by someone
    signing his name as the sender, etc.  We helped this client install a concealed video camera
    and recording system on the house and waited.  It didn’t take long before the stalker (an
    unhappy neighbor) was caught throwing stones at the house from a darkened area outside
    the view of any windows.  Police had the evidence they had been asking for, and law
    enforcement officers ultimately were able to build a case that eventually lead to criminal

    “…. You are great to work with … and I’ll certainly recommend your services whenever possible.  Thanks again!”


    From a family member of a man who hired us to conduct surveillance of his wife, to check
    for evidence of infidelity, while she visited the area.  The results / findings proved
    devastating to his family.

    “Thank you for helping my brother….  Your words of advice were well received and your words of encouragement
    appreciated (by us all).”

    Men and women have been lying to each other since the dawn of chat rooms and online
    dating (okay, long before that).  Some of these lies include marital status.  A female client
    of ours, from overseas, had been “dating” a man here in the U.S. for quite some time via
    the Internet.  Interested in taking things to the next level, she flew here to the twin cities to
    finally meet her new man.  Unfortunately for her, he wasn’t able to spend a great deal of
    time with her when she got here, and he seemed too “embarrassed” about his home to take
    her there.  Things seemed "fishy" and, after she returned to her home country, she
    retained our services to get to the bottom of things.  We discovered after a short
    investigation, that the new boyfriend continued to be “happily married” despite his
    assurances to our client that he was divorced.  Our client ultimately confronted the man
    with our evidence, who promptly offered to reimburse our client for all the past travel
    expenses incurred by our client.  Since the man was “happily married”, he plead with her
    not to tell his wife.  The following e-mail was received after closing the file:

    “Hi Thomas

    You make me laugh, in a good way….. Anyway, I’m talking too much again.  I would have paid you a fee even if I didn’t “hire”
    you, you’ve put in effort which you didn’t have to and your fee is very reasonable so thank you for that….”  

    Thanks for your help and integrity in dealing with this. It's my first dealings with a private investigator but some would have
    charged a lot more I'm sure.

    All the best, pleasure doing business, if you ever need any assistance from Madrid... DO let me know!”

    From an attorney who had asked that we find a witness.  He had limited information on who
    the man might be, and so we had to make certain "suppositions" regarding his identity
    before even trying to locate him.  

    "You had it right!  I confirmed it with a 'phone call.  Virtually all your suppositions were correct.  You're in the right

    From a woman in California.  Her husband was living and working in St. Paul.  He had asked
    his wife, our client, to sell the couple's home and move to Minnesota.  But she suspected
    that he may be having an affair and asked that we conduct surveillance on a day that he
    said he would be too busy to be reached.  We watched him as he picked up a woman at the
    airport, then took her to a fancy hotel downtown.  We were there as the man took his
    mistress to the same restaurant that he had taken his wife to when she visited him weeks
    before.  We were also there, sitting on the barstool next to them, when they finished out
    the evening with a cocktail before returning to the hotel together.  The mistress?  She was
    a friend my client and her husband.  After updating our client regarding our findings, she
    decided that, instead of selling the home and moving to Minneapolis, that she'd be seeing a
    lawyer in California instead.

    You did unbelievable work  I want to thank you very much.  It is one of those things that i was hoping that  maybe I was
    wrong and maybe it was with someone I didn't know.   I want to say I was very glad that your company was the one I choose
    because you did an excellent job.

    Thank you for all your hard work

    Our client was about to rent out a portion of his home to a tenant but, because our client
    had a young daughter in the home, wanted to conduct a background check on the man.  
    That background check found nothing of concern regarding the tenant.  Before reporting
    our findings though, we thought we’d take things just a step further by checking for sex
    offenders in the area of the client’s home.  By doing so, we discovered that there was a
    convicted pedophile living in a home directly behind the client’s residence – in view of his
    daughter’s bedroom window.  We passed along this information, and our client wrote the
    following e-mail:

    “….I just wanted to thank you for going above and beyond in your background check for me, as it turns out the guy likes to
    play with little boys “6yo foster brother”, so certainly worse than I hoped, but the cats out of the bag now..  Maybe he will
    decide that [client’s town] is not the place for him!..We can always hope anyways….  Thanks again,”


    From a woman who’s husband was caught cheating.  His wife (our client) had just left town
    a few hours earlier when he, the husband, made a run to a liquor store and then met a
    mistress at a hotel.  The mistress was married as well, and our client found out (later) that
    he (the mistress' husband) had been home watching the children at the time his wife was at
    the hotel with our client's husband.  Our client, having been provided with the evidence she
    needed to go on with her life, was intent on informing the mistress’ husband about his wife’
    s infidelity.  She was sensitive about informing the mistress’ husband, and didn’t want to
    cause him any unwarranted pain or embarrassment.

    “Thanks so much – I can’t tell you how important this is to me – I will be happy to be a reference for future clients.  Any
    advice you have on how to approach this would be much appreciated….  Thanks again – the more info the better.”

    While most of our professional clientele neglect to take much time with written praise, this
    one came recently from a repeat client of ours after receiving a rather lengthy report.

    “Nice work!!  I know that must have taken a lot of time and I must say that you always do great report work with the pictures
    included.  Thanks for your expertise.”

    There are a few cases that make what we do for a living well worth it.  We’ll always
    remember this case and the day it came in.  It wasn’t a case we would have agreed to take
    at almost any other time.  It was a late Friday afternoon on a beautiful spring day.  We were
    done working for the week (we had hoped), and were looking forward to the weekend, when
    the call came in from out of state.  A mother and father hadn’t heard from their daughter for
    quite awhile and couldn’t get any assistance from anyone here in the area to look into the
    matter.  After asking a few preliminary questions, we tried to talk the client out of hiring us
    – there were few leads for us to follow-up on, and we
    don’t take cases where there’s little chance of success.  But we heard the client’s
    desperation and agreed to do what we could.  We found the couple’s daughter within a
    couple of hours of that first call.  Out of respect for the family, no more details will be given

    “How does our family ever even begin to thank you for your unwavering support and assistance as we walked down a path
    we never would have chosen to tread?  The answer is obvious – we can’t!  Just as there is no way to verbalize the depth of
    the loss we feel, there is no way to adequately express to you the love and support we have felt from you.  Your taking the
    case even when you feared it would not have a good result was our only hope of having someone to work with us when we
    could get no one, including the [deleted], police and even [deleted] to listen to us about our concern.  God prepared you as
    a source of help, understanding and comfort to us as we have faced each horrible moment surrounding the loss of our
    precious [child].

    Tom, we always shall remember that it was you whom God made available to us to deal with finding [our child] in a city
    almost [deleted] miles from home.  You were a part of our family as you ministered to us in your special way.  It meant the
    world to us to have you as our only contact in a “foreign and unfriendly land”.  We so needed support of someone special
    and God provided you.  Thank you for answering the call without hesitation.

    There are undoubtedly innumerable things you have done about which we are oblivious for one reason or another.  So,
    please forgive us if we have neglected to mention them.  More than fortunate, we are blessed to have you in our lives even
    if it was ever so briefly.  There is no way we could have come this far without you!  Please stay in touch.

    With our love and deepest gratitude,  [client]”

    The following testimonial is from another licensed private detective (from a competing
    agency) who called us to help with a domestic / infidelity surveillance of theirs.  A longtime
    boyfriend of their female client was spending a lot of time with “the guys” after work.  The
    client determined that the group included a female colleague who the boyfriend insisted
    was “just one of the guys”.  We followed.  We watched.  She wasn’t “just one of the guys.”

    “My Client sends a "Thank you" to you for your services.  She says that her live-in boyfriend…….was also seeing that girl,
    Carolyn for about 5 months and now my client has since moved out of the house to be on her own again, and is happy that
    she knows the truth.  She says that he would have dated the both of them for a long time if the surveillance wasn't done,
    and she thanks you for doing a good job, and your assumption at the end of the report was "right on" in reading what was

    Good work!!!”

    We were asked to locate a law enforcement officer who rescued a kidnapped child in the
    late 1960’s.  Our client was the one who had been kidnapped at gunpoint and escaped with
    the aid of that officer – long since retired.  Decades later, and now an adult, she felt a need
    to find that officer to express her gratitude.

    “I can't express how much I appreciate all of your work and I have been impressed with how you have gone about your

    We were contacted by a concerned father from another state.  His young, albeit adult,
    daughter had been planning to fly to Minnesota to meet a man that she had been
    conversing with by phone and the Internet for years.  Our client had asked that we conduct
    a background investigation on his daughter's romantic interest, and to be there at the
    airport to positively identify him (surreptisciously) when the couple met.  Our findings
    indicated that the man wasn't who and what he had been claiming to be, and the daughter
    was prevented from making a potentially huge mistake.  The following email came from the
    father of the girl after closing the file.


    With the New Year you have brought hope into my life. While we have only spoken on the phone, you and Blue Heron have
    done my family a great service. My daughter was at risk and now she is safe. I can’t thank you enough for supporting me
    long distance, listening and using your experience and good judgment to guide a worried father. You have helped me and
    my conclusion is that you help others as well. I commend you from the bottom of my heart."

    A divorcing man called upon our assistance to help him with a spousal maintenance issue.  
    He had been court ordered to continue to support his soon to be ex wife for the remainder
    of her life.  She had alleged that she was disabled due to an accident and could not support
    herself as a result of her injuries.  We conducted surveillance of the woman which clearly
    showed that her injuries were only apparent when she either visited a doctor or went to a
    divorce proceeding.  She was "fine" at all other times.  We documented the selective
    evidence of injury and later testified on our client's behalf.  He wrote the following:

    "Hi Tom,

    Everything went very well.  Your surveillance was critical to my case and combined with all of the other evidence and
    expert testimony I believe it was obvious to all involved in the court proceedings that she was a fraud.  Now I wait 90 days
    for the judge's decision.  Thanks again for all of your help.  If you need a referral or testimony regarding your services I'd be
    glad to do it for you.

    Best of luck,


    From a man who hired us to check on his wife who he thought may be having an affair with
    a married man from work.  We had the answers within 24 hours:

    "Wow…that’s them!  He’s definitely the guy…you did a great job.  I think it turned out best it could.  First day and we nailed
    it.  I’m glad I called you yesterday and we got you on it right away…maybe I should come work for you on the side…I had the
    hunch yesterday and today were the days.  I’d be happy to right a referral for your company!"

    Our client's husband left her for "the other woman" and then, to add insult to injury,
    claimed that he was unable to provide any child support for his four young children that he
    left his ex to raise.  He went so far as to file a social security disability claim alleging that he
    was just too depressed to be gainfully employed.  We conducted surveillance and found
    him to not only be working, but running his own business besides.  This time, the courts
    were going to listen to our client's pleas for child support at an upcoming hearing:

    "Tom - you are brilliant.   This is beautiful.  I could hug you and I don't even know what you look like.  This is perfect.  Great
    job Tom.  Much thanks.  

    The evidence found by you was sent to him last week…he was not expecting any of this. He called [the client’s lawyer] a few
    days before court telling her to stop this motion…He got caught and his motion to the courts showed little income and did
    not list [the business that the investigation showed him working at] ….My attorney said he seemed nervous and scared the
    whole time as if he may be going to jail today.….in the end the judge said [subject of investigation] “I don't believe you, your
    not credible…due to all the fraud and new evidence…I think this is the tip of the iceberg of what's really going on”.

    This is what I have worked to hard for to finally have the court see what his behavior is and truth is not a word he knows
    sadly…Hiring you and calling my lawyer back in for this hearing was the only way to beat this man. I can't thank you enough
    for your part in this…..I finally feel so much has been lifted off of me.  I am still just letting this soak in. I feel like I can
    actually move forward now that there is a judge that has called him out.  Again Tom.  Thanks so much."

    Our client caught her husband (without our help) cheating.  He apologized and pleaded with
    her to take him back.  She did.  After a few months, she saw the same signs of infidelity as
    before.  This time however, she needed our help.  As is often the case - we had the "who"
    and the "when" within the first day of surveillance - along with photographs to back it up.  
    Confronted with the evidence, he pleaded with his wife to take him back yet again.  She did,
    and the two entered marriage counseling.  Months later, our client once again saw the
    signs of infidelity.  But by now, the husband was taking "countermeasures" to ensure that
    he wouldn't get caught yet a third time.  We knew we'd have to be a bit more creative this
    time around.  While he thought he was being clever with his countermeasures, he wasn't a
    match for an investigator that does this for a living.  Our client sent the following:

    "Thank you for the quick [help].  It was most appreciated.    

    I confronted him tonight…He looked shell shocked.  He didn't say anything.  I said "Is there anything you want to say?"  He
    said "What is there to say?"  He left, & I got a call 3 hours later.  He was crying & called to say "I am sorry".  I asked why he
    didn't just let me go...He said "It was selfish of me".  I told him I can't do this anymore.  He said "I understand that".

    I've been bawling for 2 1/2 hours.  As sad as I am, there is peace in knowing.  Does that make sense?  The report left zero
    doubt in my mind.  He basically saw her every weekday except maybe one.

    Thank you seems so trivial & not significant enough to say what you have done for me.  You were the only one who could
    get me answers, & you did."

    Does it surprise any of us that politicians lie?  Our client, who heard some disturbing
    rumors, hired us to look into the background of someone running for office.   We found the
    answers that the client was looking for.  He wrote the following:

    Thanks Tom.  I want to compliment you on your very professional work.  If you ever need a customer to vouch for the quality
    of your services let me know.

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