Child Abductions / Runaways

    Nearly one million children are reported missing every year in this country.  While stranger abductions are
    virtually always reported by the news, making us all hyper aware and concerned about the problem, the truth is
    that all but 1 to 2% of missing children are either runaways or have been abducted by a non-custodial parent or
    guardian.  Whatever the case may be, you’ll want to act immediately.  We’ll be here to help.  

    (The above image is a still taken from videotape.  We located the three year old girl who had been abducted two days prior.  Once located, we
    contacted  the Sheriff's Department to facilitate the actual recoveryentering the home to retrieve the girl.  The woman shown was our client – the
    girl's mother)


    Child Custody

    You may wish to speak with your attorney about hiring an investigator to assist you in a child custody matter.  We
    can help you document the current activities of the other parent (or just as frequently – the person or people
    they’re currently living with), past history, background of other adults residing in the home, endangerment of the
    child, violations of court orders, etc.  Of course, we’ll be there to testify in court about our findings at a later date
    if need be.

    (The little boy, shown above, is the grandson of our client.  We had been hired to follow the mother of the boy (shown sitting on the steps)
    who was court ordered to be supervised at all times during her visitations with her son.  During our surveillance, she took the boy to a male
    friend's residence (shown above).  We later identified him and found him to be a registered predatory sex offender who had been found guilty
    of, among other offenses, a felony charge of possession of pornography involving minors.  Other convictions included convictions for
    burglary, illegal transportation of firearms, criminal damage to property, contributing to the delinquency of minors, and other offenses.   This
    was not what the court had in mind when they ordered "supervised visitations.")


    Harassment, Vandalism & Restraining Order Violations

    Sometimes you know who’s doing it, sometimes you don’t.  The police and the criminal courts aren’t concerned
    with what you believe to be the truth, and civil courts won't rule in your favor unless you can prove your case.  
    These investigations vary widely depending on the circumstances, but frequently involve the installation of
    covert video equipment or audio recording devices.  In other cases, manned surveillance is necessary.  Don’t
    spend another day or evening being the victim of another person’s abusive behavior!

    (The above image is a still taken from a time-lapse video recording.  The client had been the victim of stalking by her estranged husband.  A
    camera and time-lapse recorder were used to document this act of vandalism – the pouring of water into the gas tank of the client's car
    while his new girlfriend waited in the "getaway car".  The client's vehicle stalled in traffic the following day, with her young children in the
    back seat.  Only after reviewing this videotape, did she know  why.  We worked together with law enforcement to put an end to the problem.  
    Notice from the time stamp that this vandalism took place at nearly 2:00 a.m.)



    Many of our clients have suffered silently as they felt the confusion, anger, fear, embarrassment and sadness
    associated with the idea that their spouse was being unfaithful.  Virtually none of them relished picking up the
    phone to call us to discuss such a personal matter.  Some of them, unfortunately, waited until it was too late.

    The following e-mail was received (unsolicited) from a female client of ours following our assistance with an
    infidelity matter.  We confirmed that her husband was, in fact, having an affair.  He and his (also married) mistress
    spent an evening together at a hotel during our surveillance.  Our client was out of town at the time, and the
    mistress' husband was at home with the couple's children.  The following e-mail is one that many of our past
    clients could have written.  But just to be sure - we've changed the names, dates and all other specific
    information to protect the writer's identity.  Otherwise, the e-mail has been transcribed in its entirety.  We are
    including it here because it is so illustrative of what others go through.  It's included here to illustrate the
    necessity of taking action now - not waiting.

    "Hi Tom.

    I thought you might be interested in an update.  John still denied everything when I served him with the
    divorce papers.  Until I literally quoted your report word by word, he denied it.  He has now admitted to 1.5
    years in the affair, so I suspect it is probably longer.

    I did speak with her husband, openly and gently.  He was shocked.  They have 2 kids - 4 and 7.  He has
    moved out, and he expects they will divorce, but with the kids, they are moving slower.

    All of our family and friends are shocked.  John played such a good game that no one had any inkling.  
    They all thought we were very happy together (and I had no idea it was as bad as it was).  No one thought
    he could possibly live this double life.

    Reviewing bank statements and credit card bills, I see charges that are clearly with her that go back at
    least to August '05 (hotel bills).  They have taken business trips together.  Also, now I see that John has
    been pulling a significant amount of cash (e.g at least $3k per month) from our property accounts to
    finance his other life.  So much of it is not traceable.  The cash withdrawals are a bit sporadic, but go back
    as far as 2001.  So perhaps there were others before Susan.  If you have any advice on how to trace cash,
    I'd be interested in knowing.

    Thanks again for your help.  My only regret is that I didn't hire you sooner.  That would probably be a good
    marketing spin for you - the most difficult thing I did in this entire process was hire you.  It wasn't hiring the
    attorney, it wasn't filing for divorce or serving the papers, it wasn't confronting him.  The hardest thing was
    taking that first step and calling you.  It has obviously changed my life, but it's all good.  I will get my life
    back.  And not be living with constant lying.  I already feel better about myself and the future.

    Thank you!


    Blue Heron Investigations has investigated hundreds of cases of suspected infidelity.  We have worked with
    people just like yourself with situations nearly identical to yours (this assumption is based on the fact that we
    rarely see anything "new" any more) .  We have the experience to help you deal with this problem so that you can
    either work on your relationship, or move on with your life, without the lingering doubts and confusion others
    (who waited too long) are forced to endure for the rest of their lives.

    When you need to know who (or sometimes just “if”) there’s someone else in the picture, give us a call.  Don't

    (The above images are unrelated to the above referenced case.  These images were taken from various videotapes over the course of
    about three days.  The woman shown had told her husband that she would be spending a few days with her girlfriends in another state on the
    west coast. She flew to Minnesota instead, where we saw her meet the man in the photos at the international airport.  The activities of these
    two were found to be so egregious (substance abuse issues became apparent during our surveillance) that this infidelity matter quickly
    became a child custody issue.  Based on our findings, our client was able to prepare for his wife's return by moving the children to a safer
    environment before she even boarded the plane to return home.  Our client not only put an end to his suspicions of infidelity, but secured
    permanent and sole custody of the children from the marriage.  And oh the man (shown above), who had traveled to Minneapolis to meet
    this woman, was also married.  The two of them had apparently thought that meeting in another town / state would protect them from being
    discovered.  They were sadly mistaken.)


    Background Checks

    Background checks are conducted for a variety of reasons.  
    Perhaps you're concerned about the new neighbor who
    seems to pay too much attention to your children, the new
    boyfriend of your ex wife who the kids will be around during
    their weekend visitation with their mother, the guy who you're
    thinking of going out with this Friday night, your daughter's
    boyfriend that doesn't seem to be "gainfully employed", or the
    parents of your child's newest friend that she'll be spending the
    night with.  Whatever the reason, we can help you with your
    search for answers.

    Our simplest search may include nothing more than a statewide
    check for gross misdemeanor and felony convictions.  Other
    backgrounds are more complete and may include a search for
    any criminal conviction no matter how small, civil matters such
    as divorces and small claims court actions, address histories,
    verification of a social security number, drivers license status
    checks, marriage and divorce records, contact with law enforcement agencies, arrest records and mug shots,

    Some of these checks are restricted to those with a permissable purpose as outlined by law, others can be done
    for anyone with a legitimate need to know.  Give us a call to discuss tailoring a background check to your
    particular needs.


    Arrest Data Reports

    Not all arrests result in a charge being filed, and not every conviction is found when searching for such records
    at the state level.  For these reasons, and because "criminal background check" tend to concentrate on
    conviction data alone, it's possible for people to "come up clean" in a background check ordered by a client.

    Blue Heron Investigations has access to "booking" data collected by various city and county jails (38 facilities)
    throughout the twin cities metropolitan area.   As a result, we can frequently find information that the other guys

    We currently check the county jails of in Anoka, Blue Earth, Carver, Chisago, Dakota, Goodhue, Hennepin, Isanti,
    Olmstead, Ramsey, Rice, Scott, Sherburne, Stearns, Washington, and Wright Counties.  Additionally, we check
    booking records at the Apple Valley, Burnsville, Eagan, Farmington, Lakeville, Mendota Heights, Blaine, Fridley,
    Bloomington, Brooklyn Center, Brooklyn Park, Crystal, Eden Prairie, Edina, Golden Valley, Maple Grove,
    Minnetonka, New Hope, Plymouth, Richfield, St. Louis Park, and Hopkins city jails.

    If you're interested in determining if someone has been arrested and booked into a metropolitan jail, please give
    us a call. .

    This service is not available to employers, for tenant screening purposes, in consideration for credit, or other
    reasons governed by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).


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