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    Except by order of a court, or as deemed necessary to further the objective of our investigative assignment,
    we will guard client data and case information in the strictest of confidence.

    We will not accept a case assignment that we do not believe we can complete in a competent manner.  Instead,
    we will either decline said case assignment, or defer it to another more qualified than us.

    We will not knowingly employ or sub-contract investigative services to those who are unlicensed to engage in
    the practice of investigation.

    We will not engage in activities, marketing practices, make oral statements or otherwise advertise in such a
    manner so as to deliberately deceive, mislead or defraud current or potential clientele.  

    We will not implement policies, procedures, or billing practices intended to prevent the prompt and full return
    of unused retainer balances due.

    In an effort to continue to provide competent services to our clientele, we will continue to educate ourselves
    through formal education, seminars, classes and personal instruction to ever changing laws, trends and
    methodology affecting the private detective and protective agent industry.

    Notwithstanding our professional obligation to achieving our client’s stated objectives through the aggressive
    use of technology and resources, we agree to conduct our investigations in a reasonable and unobtrusive
    manner.  We will not deliberately violate another’s legal right to privacy, intentionally inflict emotional distress,
    harass, intimidate or frighten a subject of an investigation.  Furthermore, we will avoid trespass, vandalism,
    entrapment, “peeping” activities, and the unlawful intercept of oral or written communication.

    We will remain active in our profession, and will strive to be a role model to others therein, by providing our
    support to a state or national association intended to further the interests and professionalism of the industry.

    To protect our clients and their interests, we will counsel against knowingly illegal or unethical courses of

    We will not attempt to circumvent our ethical and professional obligations by knowingly engaging others to
    violate them on our behalf.

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