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Blue Heron Investigations has been working closely with
attorneys and insurance companies for many years.  We’ve
listed some of the services we offer those professions
below.  Scroll down the page to learn more about our
services.  If you’re an attorney that specializes in either
family or employment law, you may wish to go back to our
services page and click on either “Domestic Issues” or
“Employment Matters” to see some of the additional
services we offer that are more specific to those areas.


Oftentimes, background checks provide a valuable source of information prior to a trial or deposition.  We can check
for civil or criminal matters involving the subject of the investigation in virtually any county or state within the United
States.  These checks produce clues to the subject’s past and current activities that would have otherwise gone
unnoticed, reveal a litigious history, and identify credibility issues among other things.  We use a variety of sources
for our background checks, some of which are proprietary or are otherwise restricted or denied to the public.  Each
is tailored to the specific needs of the client.


    Thomas Goodpaster, the state issued license holder for
    Blue Heron Investigations, has an extensive formal
    education in photography.  He’s been a member of both the
    Professional Photographers of America and Evidence
    Photographers International Council.  He’s even written a
    nationally published article on forensic photography.  
    Throughout the years, he’s photographed hundreds of
    vehicles, intersections, slip and fall scenes, and products
    for insurance defense purposes.  Admittedly, not all of
    those photographic assignments required the skills of a
    professional photographer.  However, many were
    challenging and could not have been accomplished with
    much of the equipment used by many of the detective
    agencies in the area.

Not only are most detective agencies ill equipped to provide such services, relying instead on their personal
(consumer marketed) cameras, but the investigators themselves don’t always have the requisite skills necessary to
overcome the problems associated with the difficult assignments.  Can your current investigator tell you how a long
focal length lens will affect the appearance of a curve in the road, how details in a dark subject will be lost when
photographed against a light background if corrective measures aren’t taken, or even how the different properties
of film, light, lenses, shutter speed, filters, aperture etc will affect a given scene?  Mr. Goodpaster uses much of the
same photographic equipment used by professional photographers for such magazines as Time, Newsweek, and
National Geographic.  And where he needs (or even recognizes the need for) specialized equipment, studio, or a
professional processor – he knows where to go.


In most cases, it’s more cost effective to hire a “Legal Services” provider in the area, than a private detective to
“serve papers”.  After all, the “Legal Services” provider may get the job done for as little as $25.00 per service.  
However, we believe we can help you when those “Legal Services” personnel are unable to locate those difficult to
find people.  Blue Heron Investigations has experience serving countless documents for a division of a large
metropolitan county government.  In those cases, the work was assigned only after the Sheriff’s Deputies for that
county had failed following multiple attempts.  This was usually the case when the person to be served was no
longer living at the last known address, or was otherwise trying to avoid service.  Call the “Legal Services”
providers with the easy ones; call us for those that can’t, or won’t, be found.


Your “lost” witnesses usually fall into one of three categories, as follows:

People who aren’t really lost or hiding at all, but just aren’t listed in the phone book.  Or, perhaps, they’ve just moved
from their last known address recently.

People who are hiding, but not from you.

People who are hiding – from you.

People in the first category can usually be found by someone with access to at least one good database.  Those in
the second category are more difficult to locate, but can usually be found with a little more effort, particularly if they’
re not good at the game they’ve chosen to play. Those in the last category, especially if they’ve given up their ties
(employment, family etc.) are the most difficult to find, but can still oftentimes be found by an experienced and
competent detective willing to get out and “pound the pavement”.

Blue Heron Investigations has considerable experience finding people from each category, including fugitives who’
ve gone so far as to change both their names and appearance.

Give us a call to discuss your particular situation; we’ll be happy to give you an assessment regarding your odds of
locating the person being sought.


We’ve taken hundreds of statements over the years for various clients including lawyers, insurance claims adjusters
and a state government agency.

One of the major differences you’ll note between our statements, and those of some of our colleagues, is the
reduction of “inaudible” and “unintelligible” notations in the transcribed version of the statement.  Those notations
are usually the result of a detective using inferior recording equipment.  Blue Heron Investigations has made the
requisite investment in equipment necessary to ensure that our statements are being properly recorded, so that
more of it can be transcribed in the end.


If Blue Heron Investigations specializes in anything at all,
it’s in surveillance.  We have thousands upon thousands
of hours of experience watching people from all different
walks of life.  If you search this site, you’ll see still images
captured from videotape footage.  These images
do not
represent a “best of” collection of ours.  In fact, we felt it
necessary to only include images where the identity of the
subject (and by virtue of the subject’s identity – our client’s
identity) was protected by choosing images that were
slightly blurred, distant, improperly exposed or otherwise
somehow protected the privacy of those involved.

At Blue Heron Investigations, we believe in communicating
with our clients about various aspects of the surveillance
itself.  Is the environment in which the subject resides or
works conducive to surveillance?  Should another
investigator be called in to assist with the surveillance to
reduce the risks of either detection or other unfavorable circumstance?  Should an authorized surveillance be
postponed or discontinued in your best interests?  At Blue Heron Investigations, we will not work files for days on
end only to send you a report indicating that nothing was observed, or that we weren’t even certain that the subject
of the surveillance was present.

Blue Heron Investigations is equipped with state of the art video recording devices suitable for covert body-worn
applications.  Whether an insurance claimant is working behind a counter at a retail outlet, an employee is spending
his afternoons shopping, or a parent in a child custody suit is violating his court order not to drink by sitting at the
bar getting drunk, we can document the activity from inside the establishment without being detected.


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