As you read our testimonials, please keep the following in mind:

1)        We've provided a frame of reference for the clients’ “testimonials” by preceding them with
a brief written case synopsis.  These cases do not represent our “case highlights” – there are
many memorable / great cases that we’ve worked which are
not included here simply because
there are no “testimonials” to follow them.  The purpose of this page is to offer testimonials,
list our greatest cases.

2)        Some details within the case synopsis’ and testimonials have been either changed or
deleted to protect the privacy and confidentiality of both the client and subject.

3)        While details have been changed or deleted for confidentiality reasons, no case synopsis
has been embellished.

4)        We had never intended to provide testimonials on our site.  As such, we have
not been
saving testimonials for future website use.  Because of this, all “testimonials” have come from
relatively recent case files that weren’t yet in storage or otherwise purged.  For these reasons,
our “testimonials” page should be considered incomplete.

5)         Professional clientele (i.e. law firms, fortune 500 companies, insurance companies, etc.)
do not take time out of their day to write letters of appreciation to the detective they
hired to do a job.  For that reason, most testimonials tend to come from private parties whose
lives are in turmoil and who want (after we’ve helped them) to say, “thank you.”

6)        Every testimonial is truthful and unembellished.  If you think about it, if we were to write our
own testimonials for use for marketing material, we could probably have come up with some pretty
outlandish ones – “You are the bestest detective agency in the whole wide world.  Nobody else
could solve my case but you, and you did it so inexpensively.  Sincerely, A.P.”  We choose not to
do that.

So, take these testimonials for what they’re worth, you’ll have to trust (or not) that they came from
people like yourself.